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V1 visa work permit Canada

Can I Work With A V1 Visa And A Work Permit In Canada?

Explore the essential steps to legally work in Canada with a V1 visa, including obtaining a work permit, understanding eligibility criteria, and ensuring compliance with Canadian immigration regulations.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the V1 Visa

If you’re considering working in Canada, you might have come across the V1 visa. The V1 visa is a temporary resident visa that allows you to enter Canada for a specific period. It’s important to understand that the V1 visa itself doesn’t grant you the right to work in the country.

Separate Authorization: Work Permit

To work in Canada, you need a work permit, even if you hold a V1 visa. The V1 visa primarily focuses on your entry into the country, while the work permit authorizes you to engage in employment during your stay. These are separate authorizations, and having a V1 visa alone doesn’t automatically grant you the right to work.

Eligibility for Work Permit

Before applying for a work permit, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Work permits are often granted based on a job offer from a Canadian employer. Your future employer may need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to show that hiring a foreign worker won’t negatively impact the Canadian job market.

Applying for a Work Permit

Once you have a job offer and the necessary documents, you can apply for a work permit. The application process involves submitting forms, proof of job offer, and other required documents to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It’s important to follow the guidelines and ensure all documentation is accurate and complete.

V1 Visa and Work Permit: A Tandem Approach

To work legally in Canada with a V1 visa, you’ll need to obtain both authorizations โ€“ the V1 visa for entry and the work permit for employment. These authorizations work hand in hand, allowing you to experience both the professional and cultural aspects of Canadian life.

Compliance with Regulations

Once you have both the V1 visa and work permit, it’s essential to adhere to the conditions outlined in each authorization. Failing to comply with the regulations may lead to consequences, including visa and work permit cancellation.


In summary, while the V1 visa allows you to enter Canada, it doesn’t automatically grant you the right to work. To pursue employment opportunities, you’ll need a separate work permit. By understanding and navigating the requirements for both, you can embark on a fruitful journey of working and experiencing life in a welcoming Canadian environment. Always check the latest guidelines from the IRCC to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information for your application.

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