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How Many Days Are Taken For Visa Cancellation in UAE?

Get the facts on visa cancellation in the UAE with our article, "How Many Days Are Taken for Visa Cancellation in UAE?" Gain clarity on the process timeline, ensuring you stay informed about the procedures and duration involved in canceling a visa in the United Arab Emirates. Stay ahead and make well-informed decisions regarding visa-related matters.

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For anyone in the UAE who wants to change their visa category or end their residency, canceling their current visa is an essential step in the process. Comprehending the duration of visa cancellation is vital for an effortless shift. Let’s get into the specifics to give you a thorough rundown.

Initiating the Process:

There are certain formalities to begin with the cancellation process. The process begins when a traveler or their sponsor notifies the governmental authorities regarding the cancellation of their visa.

Processing Time:

In the UAE, the process of visa cancellation can take up to few days or few weeks. The time period of the cancellation process depends upon the nature of the visa, and the effectiveness of the government authority.

Factors Influencing Processing Time:

  • Visa Type: Processing time may differ for different types of visas. Visas for employment, families, and tourists may have different application deadlines.
  • Reasons for Cancellation: The processing time may be affected by the circumstances underlying the cancellation of the visa. Ordinary cancellations might be completed faster than those brought on by legal problems or disagreements.
  • Government Workload: The speed of the procedure might be affected by the total amount of work that the government department  is handling related to cancellations. Longer processing delays may arise during periods of high demand or during peak seasons.
  • Online vs. In-Person Cancellation: Through the introduction of online services, the UAE government has increased the number of procedures in recent years, including the revocation of visas. When using online canceling services, the procedure could go more quick as compared to regular in-person cancellations.


Urgent Cancellation Requests:

People who want to cancel their visa immediately, such as those who are dealing with unexpected situations or legal matters, may face a situation where they need an urgent cancellation request. Each application is evaluated individually in most of the circumstances, and approval is confirmed later to after in depth assessment of the case.


For those arranging their departure or switching to a different visa category, it is essential to know the deadline for visa cancellation in the United Arab Emirates. Although it usually takes a few days to a few weeks, the length of the process might vary depending on the kind of visa, the reasons for cancellation, and the workload of the government.

A simpler and more effective cancellation procedure may be achieved by making use of internet resources and remaining up to date on the particular criteria for each type of visa.

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