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Why Choose an Immigration Consultant Over an Agency?

Choosing between an immigration consultant and an agency for your visa application is pivotal. Discover the advantages of a consultant's personalized approach, ethical practices, and expert guidance to streamline your immigration journey.

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Tracking your immigration process could be a very stressful task. It could be simplified if you get proper guidance in choosing the right pathway, compiling excessive documentation and complying with legal complexities. It is always a wise decision to get assistance from an immigration consultant rather than seeking help from an agency.

In this blog we will look at the reasons why hiring an immigration consultant is a better choice for your immigration process.

Expertise and Qualification

Immigration Consultants:
Immigration consultants holds expertise in immigration law and they are licensed to provide immigration consultancy and related services. They have been undergone rigorous training and possesses certifications, such as those required by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) in Canada or similar governing bodies around the world. Their certifications ensures that they are updated with the latest immigration policies, procedures, and best practices.

An Agent:
It is not always necessary for an agent to have formal immigration law education or certification. Due to which they are properly informed or updated with latest changes in immigration laws.

Personalized Attention

Immigration Consultants:
Consultants usually offer personalized advice based on your personal circumstances and situations. They take time to understand your specific needs and craft a strategy that increase your chances of a successful application.

An Agent:
Usually an agent handle a high volume of cases at the same time, often using a one-size-fits-all approach. Which restricts them from providing personalized services specifically designed for each case.

Transparency and Ethics

Immigration Consultants:
Professional consultants with positive reputation in market, practice high level of transparency and ethical standards. They clearly outline their fees, services charges, and the scope of their work from the beginning. Ethical conduct is not just a practice but a requirement enforced by the regulatory bodies.

An Agent:
All agencies does not comply with ethical standards. There have been instances where agents have not fully disclosed the breakdown of fees. Most of the time they promise guaranteed results without a proper assessment of client’s eligibility.


Immigration Consultants:
Professional immigration consultants are accountable to regulatory authorities. They are required to maintain professional conduct and can be held accountable for their actions. This provides an additional layer of security for the client.

An Agent:
An agent may not be watched or regulated as strictly as individual consultants by the relevant authorities. This could make it more challenging for the clients to address any complaints or receive compensation for any misconduct.

Post-Application Support

Immigration Consultants:
If an application is going through some problems or is rejected, consultants will assist their clients with appeals or reapplications. They understand the legalities involved  in appeals and can provide detailed post-submission support.

An Agent:
Any assistance after submission can differ from agency to agency. Some of them may not offer any support or may not be capable enough to handle complex situations and appeals.


Your immigration journey has great importance for you. An immigration consultant brings a level of expertise, personalized service, and accountability that is unmatched by most agencies.

Choosing an authorized expert and doing comprehensive research are the important steps of your journey to a smooth immigration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main advantage of choosing an immigration consultant?
A: An immigration consultant offers specialized legal knowledge, personalized services, and is held to high ethical and professional standards by regulatory bodies.

Q: Are immigration consultants required to have certifications?
A: Yes, professional immigration consultants must have proper certifications and are often members of regulatory bodies that ensure they are up-to-date with immigration laws and practices.

Q: Can immigration agencies guarantee visa approvals?
A: No, neither immigration agencies nor consultants can guarantee visa approvals as the final decision lies with the immigration authorities.

Q: How do immigration consultants handle post-application processes?
A: Consultants typically provide comprehensive support after application submission, including assistance with appeals or reapplications if necessary.

Q: Do immigration agencies offer personalized immigration advice?
A: While some might, agencies generally handle a high volume of cases and may not provide the same level of tailored advice and attention that a consultant does.

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